Kairos in the Flow of Musical Intuition

Kathleen Coessens, Stefan Östersjo

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We argue that the musical process implies a bricolage of implicit, tacit, expert knowledge or skill and a heightened awareness of the "now" moment. These joint movements, the involvement of tacit expertise and/in the moment of "now," are what are called intuition and kairos respectively. Intuition can be considered a commitment in the field of an experience that opens a sense that was potentially present or could be opened in that experience. Kairos is the oppor- tune moment where the artist takes the initiative and intervenes.
In the following, we will define the notions of kairos and intuition. We will explore how the field of intuition and the moments of kairos interact in the pro- cesses of musical creation, how intuitions work, how--in Descartes's words-- nature sheds light in our bodies, and how they are enacted by us. Because this exploration is linked to our own artistic experience, we will further illustrate the interplay of kairos and intuition within the opening example through our own musical practice: the creation of the composition Strandlines in the work- ing session with Richard Karpen and Stefan O?stersjo?.
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StatusPublished - 1 okt 2014

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Darla Crispin and Bob Gilmore


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