KAZAN: will you survive the next disaster? - An educational game to raise awareness about hazards and disaster risk reduction: IUGG

Sophie Mossoux, Matthieu Kervyn De Meerendre, Audray Delcamp, Sam Poppe, Frank Canters

Onderzoeksoutput: Unpublished abstract


Geological hazards are usually not the first concern in the daily life of an exposed population. It is important however to establish a continuous communication between population, policymakers and scientists to raise awareness and favor the implementation of basic risk reduction strategies.
KAZAN is an educational board game that raises awareness about geological hazards. The game has been developed for students, citizens and stakeholders with the aim to let them discover key information about hazards and their spatial variability; to increase awareness about the impacts of the hazards for different intensities and the importance of resources accessibility; and to let them experience different risk reduction strategies. During the game, the players embody a character living on an island. Each year, they receive their salary used to meet their basic needs and to develop their community. Huts, houses and roads can be constructed but as the island is randomly threatened by geological hazards (earthquake, tsunami, lava flow and volcanic ash fall), players can also invest in protection measures. In this context, players virtually experience the hazards impacts and they are directly confronted with the implications of decisions taken during the game. Moreover, players come to realize that what they lived in the game reflects situations in real life and that prevention measures are important to take both at a personal and at a community level.
KAZAN was tested on different groups of students, geologists and hazard managers in Europe and in Africa. In this contribution, we will analyze the game strategies, the players’ opinions about the usefulness of the game and the game impact on the players understanding of the hazards.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - jun 2015
EvenementIUGG General Assembl 2015 - Prague, Czech Republic
Duur: 22 jun 20152 jul 2015


ConferenceIUGG General Assembl 2015
LandCzech Republic


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