Konteksta, Galaprodukta un Darbïbas Mainïgie Lielumi Bilingvälajä Izglïtïbä Latvijä ('Context, Processes and Outcomes in Multilingual Education in Latvia')

Alex Housen, Indra Dedze (Redacteur)

Onderzoeksoutput: Commissioned report


This article evaluates the implementation and implications of the recent Education Act in Latvia for the education of language minority children in Latvia.
By analysing the output, contextual and operational variables which determine language education policy, comparisons are made with two established Western-European models of multilingual education, the European School model and the system of trilingual education in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, revealing that, as elsewhere, it is the output variables, modified by contextual variables, which determine the operational strategies that need to be addressed.
Originele taal-2Russian
UitgeverijMinistry of Education of Latvia
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UitgaveBilingvälajä Izglïtïbä Latvijä: Starptautiskä Ekspertïze ('Bili
StatusPublished - 2002

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NaamBilingvälajä Izglïtïbä Latvijä: Starptautiskä Ekspertïze ('Bilingual Education in Latvia: International Expertise')

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Indra Dedze

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