Lap shear tests on repaired wrought-iron riveted connections

Quentin Collette, Stéphane Sire, Ine Wouters

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Engineers assessing and strengthening the structural safety of 19th-century wrought-iron riveted connections need information on the materials applied, the riveting technology and the impact of remedial
works. However, the structural impact of actual remedial works on wrought-iron riveted connections
remains little known to this day. Therefore, a lap shear test campaign on single riveted single lap joints
made of wrought iron was carried out. Both original and repaired riveted lap joints were designed, fabricated and tested. This paper reports on the ultimate shear behaviour of wrought-iron riveted connections and covers the effect of the quality of riveting. The shear tests showed that original riveted
specimens failed in tension (plate net section failure). The repair intervention involving modern steel
materials and techniques improved the ultimate shear behaviour significantly.
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TijdschriftEngineering Structures
StatusPublished - feb 2015


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