L'alliance franco-anglaise contre Philippe V: Le droit au service de l'ordre ?

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Philip V's foreign policy was met with opposition by the Regent and Cardinal Dubois. This lead to the armed intervention in Spain in 1719. However, military action would have been impossible without a close alliance with Britain and Hanover. This link between James Stanhope and Guillaume Dubois has hitherto been explained in terms of personal animosity and court struggles. Yet, this overlooks the importance of the legal quarrel on the Spanish Succession (1659-1713) and the consequences of the solution chosen at the Treaties of Utrecht, Rastatt and Baden (1713-1714). I argue that Philip's irredentist demands to make up for the perceived "loss" of Italy and Flanders were legally incompatible with the backbone of European diplomacy. Partition implied much more than a merely political deal.
Vertaalde titel van de bijdrageLaw and Self-Interest: the Franco-British Alliance against Philip V
Originele taal-2French
TitelLa reconstrucción de la política internacional española
Subtitel El reinado de Felipe V
RedacteurenJoaquim Albareda, Núria Sallés Villaseca
UitgeverijCasa de Velázquez
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StatusPublished - 2021
EvenementLa política exterior de Felipe V a debate - Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain
Duur: 11 mei 201712 mei 2017

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NaamCollection de la Casa de Velázquez
UitgeverijCasa de Velázquez
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ConferenceLa política exterior de Felipe V a debate
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