Law and Technology of Online Profiles after Death

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Post-mortem aspects of online existence of people, in particular of online profiles on
social networking sites, are becoming of an increasing interest for users, family
members and friends of a deceased person, on one side, and lawyers and policy
makers, on the other side. At stake are the interests of (1) directly involved users
concerning their privacy and protection of their data, as well as their reputation
after death, (2) surviving family members and friends who will have to deal with the
death of a close person and may be even indirectly involved when the online profile
would go on to exist even after the death of their next kin, (3) other users, sensitive
or other personal information about whom may be posted on the online profiles after
death. This paper is an attempt to answer the question whether current legal
frameworks provide sufficient protection of such interests related to online profiles
of deceased users. It examines briefly the currently available technological
possibilities to deal with online profiles after death, while the legal analysis looks
into the legal frameworks (data protection, succession law) in order to identify
provisions that regulate the protection of personal data of deceased individuals.
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TitelTransformation juristischer Sprachen, Tagungsband des 15. Internationalen Rechtsinformatik Symposions IRIS 2012
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Erich Schweighofer, Franz Kummer, Walter Hötzendorfer


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