Life long learning: The prison library as a bridge to participation

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Prisoners in Belgium have the right during their detention to access social-cultural activities (e.g. library, sport activities, education, vocational training, cultural activities, mental health care). Based on survey-data (N 486), this article explores prisoners' participation rates in these different kinds of programmes and services. The findings indicate that 92% participated at least in one activity, among which the library had the highest participation rate (85.8%). 40.5% practised sports, 38.8% participated in vocational training, 29% followed an educational course, 18% participated in mental health services and 10.1% followed a socio-cultural training course. Furthermore, more than 58% multiplied participation in different correctional programmes. The results indicate that the library may serve as a bridge to participate in other life long learning programmes.
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Titel6th World Conference on Educational Sciences
StatusPublished - 2014
Evenement6th World Conference on Educational Sciences - , Malta
Duur: 6 feb 20149 feb 2014


Conference6th World Conference on Educational Sciences


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