Lifelong learning in old age: results for the Belgian ageing studies

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This study investigates educational participation among older adults. Based on survey-data collected in the Belgian Ageing Studies (N=67560), older adults' educational participation rate, the individual profile of participants and its relation with social participation are studied. The findings indicate that 26.2% participated to an educational activity over the past year. Participation was lowest among the oldest age group, women, widowers, older people with poor physical health and lower socio-economic status. Additionally, educational participation was positively related to membership of social associations, volunteering and Internet use. The discussion provides recommendations to include vulnerable older adults in educational activities.
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Pagina's (van-tot)513-517
TijdschriftProcedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences
StatusPublished - 21 feb 2014
Evenement5th World Conference on Educational Sciences - Rome, Rome, Italy
Duur: 6 feb 20138 feb 2013


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