Locating Charging Infrastructure for Shared Autonomous Electric Vehicles and for Vehicle-to-Grid Strategy: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda from an Energy and Mobility Perspective

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A shared autonomous electric vehicle (SAEV) fleet and the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) strategy both have great potential to reduce GHG emissions. As these concepts have complementary value, they are even more promising combined. However, to the best of our knowledge, no research has yet been conducted on locating charging infrastructure for SAEVs with V2G feasibility. For this construction, the challenge lies in the fact that both mobility demand (mainly for SAEVs) and energy (for any installation of charging infrastructure) have a major influence on this problem. To find the optimal charging infrastructure (CI) allocation for SAEVs with V2G operations, both mobility requirements and grid constraints must be considered. In this paper, we find that optimization models are the most frequently used method to solve the CI allocation problem. We conduct separate examinations of the V2G and SAEVs location optimization models that have been formulated in the literature, for which objective functions are used, and which constraints are considered (with respect to mobility and the electric grid). We find that SAEV and V2G models have overlapping elements, but remain disjunct in their respective perspectives. CI allocation for SAEVs mainly takes mobility into account, but tends to ignore grid constraints or impacts. On the other hand, CI allocation for V2G focuses on the distribution network and the grid, forgetting about mobility demand. To take advantage of the SAEV-V2G potential, future research should combine mobility and grid aspects to find the optimal CI locations for SAEVs with V2G feasibility.
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StatusPublished - mrt 2023

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