Mannen van plezier: één en al vertier? Een onderzoek naar hoe mannelijke sekswerkers harm reduction beleven.

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In this research in-depth interviews were taken from ten male escorts to nd out how they experience harm reduction, which aims at reducing/avoiding harms related to sex work. Even though all respond- ents admit that such harms exist and agree that harm reduction is highly useful, not all think it applies to them. While scienti c researchers have shown that street sex workers experience more harms than those who work indoor, our results con rm that it might also be advisable for aid organizations to make a distinction between full-time sex workers on the one hand who seem to experience more di culties and are more in need of social welfare and their part-time colleagues on the other hand who are more positive about their job and do not wish to use harm reduction. Furthermore, even though not all the participants are in favor of male-only targeted harm reduction initiatives, the fact that there are signi - cant di erences between male and female sex workers cannot be denied.
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StatusPublished - 2018


  • Male sexwork
  • Harm Reduction
  • Experience

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