Material parameter identification of blast loaded plates

Ken Spranghers, David Lecompte, Hugo Sol, John Vantomme

Onderzoeksoutput: Meeting abstract (Book)Research


In this paper a mixed experimental-numerical method is used to determine the material behavior of an aluminum plate during blast loading. The blast load is generated by an explosion of 40g C4 with a stand-off-distance of 250mm. Measurement of the transient displacement field is performed combining two high-speed cameras in a stereoscopic setup and the digital image correlation technique. The identified deformation fields are compared by data calculated with an explicit finite element method to obtain the elasto-plastic material parameters of the aluminum plate specimen.
Originele taal-2English
Titel15th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics
Aantal pagina's3
StatusPublished - 22 jul 2012
EvenementUnknown - Porto, Portugal
Duur: 22 jul 201227 jul 2012


Verkorte titelICEM15


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