Maternal disclosure attitudes and practices of ICSI/IVF conception vis-à-vis a 5-year-old child.

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In this study, we ascertain ART mothers practices and attitudes towards disclosure of the mode of conception to the child, factors associated with disclosure and child well-being after disclosure.
Materials and method
109 ICSI and 69 IVF mothers filled out a secrecy questionnaire, a Parent Stress Index, and a Child Behavioral Checklist. Children s perception of their parents was assessed with the Family Relations Test.
A total of 15 ICSI and 8 IVF children were told about their mode of conception. Having accepted that the child was born after ART, not wishing to keep secrets from the child, and the right to information on medical antecedents were the main reasons for disclosure. 75% ICSI mothers and 71% IVF mothers intend to disclose in future, while 5.5% ICSI mothers and 5.8% IVF mothers will not inform their child. Children who were informed obtained the same scores on the CBCL (p > 0.1) and had the same perception of their parents as non-informed children.
Disclosure practices and attitudes are very similar between mothers who conceived after ICSI or IVF. No association was found between disclosure and child well-being at age 5.
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StatusPublished - 15 jan 2008


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