Mechanical properties of the Jordanian aluminosilicate minerals based geopolymer

Muayad Esaifan, Jan Wastiels, Hani Khoury, Hubert Rahier, Mohammed Khair Hourani

Onderzoeksoutput: Meeting abstract (Book)Research


The geopolymer mechanical properties and its applications depend on the type of alumiosilicate reactant phases during the geopolymerization process. In the present study we have investigated the solid state reactions of four Jordanian aluminosilicate phases with NaOH. The used local raw materials have included red Baten El-ghoul clay (JRG), white Baten El-Ghoul clay (JWG), red Tuff (JRT) and black tuff (JBT). X-ray patterns, FTIR, 27Al and 29Si MAS NMR spectra have indicated the formation of zeolite phases as a result of geopolymerization.
The compressive strength of the produced geopolymers have indicated promising results for both dry and wet specimens after optimizing the mixing ratios of the filler, water, and NaOH.
Originele taal-2English
TitelWorkshop on Materials in Jordan
StatusPublished - 2010
EvenementUnknown - Stockholm, Sweden
Duur: 21 sep 200925 sep 2009




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