Metabolic cross-talk within the bone marrow milieu: focus on multiple myeloma

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Cancer cells are well-known for their capacity to adapt their metabolism to their increasing energy demands which is necessary for tumor progression. This is no different for Multiple Myeloma (MM), a hematological cancer which develops in the bone marrow (BM), whereby the malignant plasma cells accumulate and impair normal BM functions. It has become clear that the hypoxic BM environment contributes to metabolic rewiring of the MM cells, including changes in metabolite levels, increased/decreased activity of metabolic enzymes and metabolic shifts. These adaptations will lead to a pro-tumoral environment stimulating MM growth and drug resistance In this review, we discuss the identified metabolic changes in MM and the BM microenvironment and summarize how these identified changes have been targeted (by inhibitors, genetic approaches or deprivation studies) in order to block MM progression and survival.

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StatusPublished - 1 sep 2022

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