Method for evaluating antibiotic susceptibility

Wendy Meulebroeck (Uitvinder), Prof. Dr. Ir. Heidi Ottevaere (Uitvinder), Hugo Thienpont (Uitvinder), Herman Goossens (Uitvinder), Pieter Moons (Uitvinder), Kristof Vaes (Uitvinder), Muriel De Boeck (Uitvinder), Christiaan Baelus (Uitvinder)

Onderzoeksoutput: Patent


A method for determining a minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) to an antimicrobial drug for a bacteria culture in a container, the method comprising calculating for each well a third derivative of said detected intensity; comparing said third derivative of the detected intensity to one or more threshold values; determining a MIC value based on said comparison of said third derivative to said one or more threshold values.
Originele taal-2English
StatusPublished - 2021


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