Middleware for the Internet of Things, Design Goals and Challenges

Paridel Koosha, Engineer Bainomugisha, Yves Vanrompay, Yolande Berbers, Wolfgang De Meuter, Sonia Ben Mokhtar (Redacteur), Romain Rouvoy (Redacteur), Michael Wagner (Redacteur)

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As the number of wireless devices increases and their size becomes smaller, there can be more interaction between everyday objects of our life. With advances in RFID chips and the introduction of new generations of these devices that are smaller and cheaper, it is possible to put a wireless interface on almost all everyday objects: vehicles, clothes, foodstuffs, etc. This concept is called the Internet of Things. Interaction with thousands of wireless devices leads to a continuous and massive flow of events which are generated spontaneously. The question of how to deal with this enormous number of events is challenging and introduces new design goals for a communication mechanism. In this paper we argue that a middleware together with suitable linguistic abstractions is a proper solution. We also point out the challenges in developing this middleware. Moreover, we give an overview of recent related work and describe why they fail to address these challenges.

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Sonia Ben Mokhtar, Romain Rouvoy, Michael Wagner


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