Millon's model on personality and aging: a cross-sectional Belgian PACL study.

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Whether personality is stable across the life span has been the subject of considerable debate. From recent longitudinal and cross-sectional aging research there is growing evidence that personality traits continue to chance during the lifespan. The current cross-sectional study examined the course of personality in a Belgian sample, consisting of 519 men and 990 women (N=1509), with ages ranging from 17 to 93 years old (M=35.02; SD=20.23). The PACL scales were used to detect differences between three age groups: 17-29, 30-59, and 60-93 (respectively 65, 13, and 22% of the sample). Results show significant age cohort differences between younger adults (17-29) compared to older adults (60-93) on all of the PACL scales, with the exception of the introversive scale. Younger individuals showed higher mean scores on the inhibited, cooperative, sociable, confident, forceful, sensitive and problem indicator scales, whereas older individuals showed higher scores on the respectful scale. Except for the introversive and respectful scales, all patterns show a linear downward trend. These findings support a mellowing of pathological personality self-presentation in older adults. This is in line with a life span developmental approach, emphasizing the plasticity of personality across the life span. However, additional research is needed to explore whether these changes in personality are due to real aging processes or methodological artifacts.
Baltes,P. B., Lindenberger, U., & Staudinger, U. M. (2006). Lifespan theory in developmental psychology. In Lerner, R. M. (Ed.), Handbook of child psychology (Vol. 1, 6th ed., pp. 569-664). New York: Wiley.
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Arnaud Destrebecqz, Cécile Colin, Wim Gevers


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