Mitigating language and cultural barriers in healthcare communication: Toward a holistic approach

Barabara Schouten, Antoon Cox, Gözde Duran, Koen Kerremans, Leyla Köseoğlu Banning, Demi Krystallidou, Ali Lahdidioui, Sanne Schinkel, Hande Sungur, Jeanine Suurmond, Maria van den Muijsenbergh, Rena Zendedel

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Due to ongoing globalization and migration waves, healthcare providers are increasingly caring for patients from diverse cultural and/or ethnic minority backgrounds. Adequate health communication with migrants and ethnic minorities is often more difficult to establish compared to people belonging to the majority groups of a given society, because of a combination of language and cultural barriers. To address this topic, in December 2018 a symposium was organized—under the auspices of the Amsterdam Center for Health Communication—during which speakers from both academia and professional practice discussed the current state-of-the-art and brought forward innovative solutions to improve intercultural communication in healthcare. Main questions that were discussed during this symposium included: “How can language barriers in intercultural health communication be mitigated?” and “Which innovations can contribute to improving intercultural health communication?” In this paper, we discuss some answers to these questions and propose that in order to enhance intercultural communication and healthcare for migrant and ethnic minority patients, a more holistic approach to studying when, how, and for what purposes (a combination of) communication strategies should be utilized in mitigating both language and cultural barriers to decrease health disparities and improve health care for migrant and ethnic minority patients.
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TijdschriftPatient Education and Counseling
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StatusPublished - 1 dec 2020


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