Moderate-density parity-check codes from projective bundles

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New constructions for moderate-density parity-check (MDPC) codes using finite geometry are proposed. We design a parity-check matrix for the main family of binary codes as the concatenation of two matrices: the incidence matrix between points and lines of the Desarguesian projective plane and the incidence matrix between points and ovals of a projective bundle. A projective bundle is a special collection of ovals which pairwise meet in a unique point. We determine the minimum distance and the dimension of these codes, and we show that they have a natural quasi-cyclic structure. We consider alternative constructions based on an incidence matrix of a Desarguesian projective plane and compare their error-correction performance with regards to a modification of Gallager’s bit-flipping decoding algorithm. In this setting, our codes have the best possible error-correction performance after one round of bit-flipping decoding given the parameters of the code’s parity-check matrix.

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ArtikelnummerSpecial Issue: On Coding Theory and Combinatorics: In Memory of Vera Pless
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StatusPublished - 24 mei 2022

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