Module superimposition: a composition technique for rule-based model transformation languages

Dennis Wagelaar, Ragnhild Van Der Straeten, Dirk Deridder, Jeff Gray (Redacteur), Alfonso Pierantonio (Redacteur), Antonio Vallecillo (Redacteur)

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As the application of model transformation becomes increasingly commonplace, the focus is shifting from model transformation languages to the model transformations themselves. The properties of model transformations, such as scalability, maintainability and reusability, have become important. Composition of model transformations allows for the creation of smaller, maintainable and reusable transformation definitions that together perform a larger transformation. This paper focuses on composition for two rule-based model transformation languages: the ATLAS Transformation Language (ATL) and the QVT Relations language. We propose a composition technique called module superimposition that allows for extending and overriding rules in transformation modules. We provide executable semantics as well as a concise and scalable implementation of module superimposition based on ATL.
Originele taal-2English
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TijdschriftSoftware & Systems Modeling
StatusPublished - 14 okt 2009

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Jeff Gray, Alfonso Pierantonio, Antonio Vallecillo


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