Neuro-Symbolic Procedural Semantics for Reasoning-Intensive Visual Dialogue Tasks

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This paper introduces a novel approach to visual dialogue that is based on neuro-symbolic procedural semantics. The approach builds further on earlier work on procedural semantics for visual question answering and expands it on the one hand with neuro-symbolic reasoning operations, and on the other hand with mechanisms that handle the challenges that are inherent to dialogue, in particular the incremental nature of the information that is conveyed. Concretely, we introduce (i) the use of a conversation memory as a data structure that explicitly and incrementally represents the information that is expressed during the subsequent turns of a dialogue, and (ii) the design of a neuro-symbolic procedural semantic representation that is grounded in both visual input and the conversation memory. We validate the methodology using the reasoning- intensive MNIST Dialog and CLEVR-Dialog benchmark challenges and achieve a question-level accuracy of 99.8% and 99.2% respectively. The methodology presented in this paper responds to the growing interest in the field of artificial intelligence in solving tasks that involve both low-level perception and high-level reasoning using a combination of neural and symbolic techniques.
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TitelProceedings of the 26th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
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StatusPublished - 2023
Evenement26th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence - ECAI 2023 - Kraków, Poland
Duur: 30 sep 20234 okt 2023
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Conference26th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence - ECAI 2023
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