Non-destructive 3-dimensional mapping of microcapsules in polymeric coatings by confocal Raman spectroscopy

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Nowadays, the properties of polymeric coatings are enhanced by various additives mixed into the resin.Recently, embedding of polymeric microcapsules into the coating matrix has been investigated to provide special on-demand features to the coating. The detection and characterization of such microcapsules in a polymeric coating are of major importance but difficult, because both are built up by similar molecules with similar densities. Current analysis methods require complex sample preparation to allow reliable measurements.In contrast, confocal Raman spectroscopy allows fast and non-destructive differentiation between characteristic molecular bonds at a spatial resolution below one micrometer. Hence, the objective of this research was to apply this technique on microcapsules embedded in a coating and provide answers to the following questions: Can one detect microcapsules embedded in a coating and clearly identify them?Can one differentiate between full and empty microcapsules and the coating matrix? Can one determine the exact location of the capsules and their distribution in the coating?Therefore, several two-dimensional confocal Raman spectroscopy mappings recorded at different depths allowed a three-dimensional reconstruction of the polymeric coating with the polymeric micro-capsules in it. Thereby, the distribution of the capsules within the coating could be determined with micrometer resolution. As a result Raman tomography provides a more detailed insight into the distribution of microcapsules through the possibility of three-dimensional reconstruction.
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StatusPublished - nov 2015

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