Non-Riemannian geometry of M-theory

David S. Berman, Chris D. A. Blair, Ray Otsuki

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We construct a background for M-theory that is moduli free. This background is then shown to be related to a topological phase of the E 8(8) exceptional field theory (ExFT). The key ingredient in the construction is the embedding of non-Riemannian geometry in ExFT. This allows one to describe non-relativistic geometries, such as Newton-Cartan or Gomis-Ooguri-type limits, using the ExFT framework originally developed to describe maximal supergravity. This generalises previous work by Morand and Park in the context of double field theory.

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Aantal pagina's53
TijdschriftThe Journal of high energy physics
Nummer van het tijdschrift7
StatusPublished - jul 2019


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