NOW: Orchestrating Services in a Nomadic Network using a dedicated Workflow Language

Eline Philips, Ragnhild Van Der Straeten, Viviane Jonckers, Gul Agha (Redacteur), Dave Clarke (Redacteur)

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Orchestrating services in nomadic or mobile ad hoc networks is not without a challenge,
since these environments are built upon volatile connections. Services residing on mobile devices are
exposed to (temporary) network failures, which must be considered the rule rather than the exception.
This paper proposes a dedicated workflow language built on top of an ambient-oriented programming
language that supports dynamic service discovery and communication primitives resilient to network
failures. The proposed workflow language, NOW, has support for high level workflow abstractions for
control flow, rich network and service failure detection, and failure handling through compensating
actions, and dynamic data flow between the services in the environment. By adding this extra layer of
abstraction, the application programmer is offered a flexible way to develop applications for nomadic
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TijdschriftScience of Computer Programming
Nummer van het tijdschriftCoordination 2010
StatusPublished - feb 2013

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Gul Agha and Dave Clarke


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