Ocular Surface Homeostasis After Scleral Lens Usage

Brice Ballet, Josephine Agnes Behaegel, Reppe Sjur, Alejandra Consejo, Hans Christian Aass, Tor Paaske Utheim, Carina Koppen, Sorcha Ní Dhubhghaill

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Objectives:The aim of this prospective study is to examine the effects of 5 hours of well-fitted, mini-scleral contact lens (mini-SL) wear on the tear film cytokine expression in healthy eyes.Methods:Twenty-three healthy participants were included in the study. One eye of each participant was selected at random, and a mini-SL measuring 16.5 mm in diameter was fitted by an experienced contact lens specialist. The contact lens remained in place for 5 hours. Precorneal tear fluid was collected using capillary tubes at three different time points: baseline before SL insertion (T0), after 5 hours of SL wear (T1), and 3 hours after SL removal (T2). The concentration of 40 inflammatory cytokines at the three different time points was determined using multiplex bead assay.Results:Mini-scleral lens wear did not result in significant changes in the cytokine-to-protein ratio after 5 hours of wear on a healthy eye.Conclusions:Although a well-fitted mini-SL reduces the rate at which the precorneal tear film is refreshed, 5 hours of lens wear did not appear to significantly affect the tears cytokine-to-protein ratio, suggesting that scleral lenses have minimal impact on corneal cytokine expression.

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TijdschriftEye & Contact Lens
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StatusPublished - 1 nov 2023

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