We present an overview of relevant indicators in the context of omni-channel retail with respect to consumer mobility and retailers’ channel strategy. These indicators can provide more insight in the behavior of the retailers (e.g. store evolution in the city center and/or commercial centers in the periphery) and policy makers (e.g. actions to promote the city center and/or commercial centers). Measures for the consumers are, among others, travel distances to different types of retail stores (grocery, fashion, electronics, …), average number of patronized stores, number of devices and/or channels used during the shopping process, … Indicators for the retailers include average number of channels/touch points, average number of store locations, turnover/profitability per square meter, …
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StatusUnpublished - 13 okt 2016
EvenementMOBI Seminar 2016: On small and big data: How to go to a more sustainable mobility system? - Brussels, Belgium
Duur: 13 okt 201613 okt 2016


SeminarMOBI Seminar 2016

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