On reflection and reflexivity in collaborative performance

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In group performances artistic experience is expanded to an interactive social experience. Starting from visual metaphors in the arts -- da Vinci, Magritte, Velazquez and Escher -- which offer us an entry into the notions of reflection and reflexivity as respectively mirror and feedback situations of the self and the other in perceptual acts, this lecture will look at the feedback loops in joint musical performances. How can we describe the complex processes of perceptual synchronization and involvement present in the loop 'action-interaction-reaction'? How does the presentness or instantaneousness of artistic performance interacts with the transitional experience of duration? Can we -- and if so how do we -- adjust ourselves from the very tiny interstices in the continuity of the performance? I will argue that the integration into a joint physical and aural space of performance, created by the reflection -- the physical process of sound returning -- and reflexivity -- the interrelational situation affecting one another -- suspends individuation by creating a unique psychological situation and auratic space. In analogy with Walter Benjamin's aesthetic definition of aura in visual perception, I consider the auratic space of music performance as a space where flow and sublime experiences interact and where the boundaries of symmetry and asymmetry as well as of self and sameness are blurred.
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TitelProductive Tensions: Co-Creative Practices in Music
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William Brooks, Catherine Laws


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