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The early medieval coastal communities of the North-Sea area are known to have kept close contact during the seventh and eighth centuries. Though, evidence of connections with areas from beyond the Channel are less extensive, especially indications of mobility between the North-Sea area and the Southern European Atlantic coast around modern day Spain, Portugal and southern France are vague. Still, these southern areas in Europe knew tumultuous times during the late seventh and eighth centuries and direct evidence of migrants and refugees moving towards Northern Europe was yet to be discovered. This changed with the finding of an early medieval coastal settlement at the Belgian coast. Twenty-three individuals buried at Koksijde were analysed for provenance and dietary reconstructions through carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and strontium isotope analysis of various tissues (bone collagen, bone apatite, and tooth enamel). The results suggest that, even though most of the artefacts were of local origin, the individuals themselves were most likely not. This presentation will provide new insights into lives of this group of Southern European Atlantic coastal migrants.
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