On the use of directional transforms for still image coding

Tim Bruylants, Joeri Barbarien, Adrian Munteanu, Jan Cornelis, Peter Schelkens

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Significant research has been performed on the use of directional transforms for the compression of still imagery, in particular on the application of block-based and segmentation driven directional adaptive discrete wavelet transforms. However, all of the proposed methodologies suffer from the extra side-information that needs to be encoded. This encoding overhead and added complexity is unfortunately not negligible. This paper describes various considerations and trade-offs that were made during the search towards a practical solution for using directional adaptive transforms in still image coding. We propose two codec instantiations respectively based upon quadtree-coding (QT-L) and JPEG 2000's EBCOT engine and discuss various experimental results.
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TitelSPIE Photonics, Applications of Digital Image Processing XXXIV
StatusPublished - 23 sep 2011
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