On the Use of Formal Techniques to Support Model Evolution

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    Model-driven engineering (MDE) is an emerging software engineering discipline that relies on model transformation. Model transformations can be very diverse, and encompass, among others, the following techniques: code generation, reverse engineering, model refinement and model refactoring. Due to the inherently volatile nature of all kinds of software artefacts, and models in particular, all existing and future MDE approaches should explicitly take into account the inevitable process of model evolution. In this paper, we explain how formal support for model evolutino is needed. We motivate this by using the formalism of description logic to support the activity of model inconsistency management, and by using tthe formalism of graph transformation to support the activity of model refactoring.
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    TitelJournées du GDR-GPL 2009
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    NaamJournées du GDR-GPL 2009

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    Yves Ledru, Marc Pantel


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