Optimized Scalable Wavelet-based Codec Designs for Semi-regular Meshes

Shahid Satti, Leon Denis, Ruxandra-Marina Florea, Jan Cornelis, Adrian Munteanu, Peter Schelkens

Onderzoeksoutput: ChapterResearch


This book chapter presents a constructive design methodology for a transform-based scalable 3D mesh compression system. In particular, various modules of the mesh compression system are analyzed and design choices are established. In this context, two design frameworks, namely intraband and composite coding are overviewed and their compression performance is evaluated. It is shown that, intraband and composite mesh coding schemes not only provide state-of-the-art compression performance but also account for an improved scalability of compressed bitstream when compared to existing interband codec designs.
Originele taal-2English
TitelAdvances in Wavelet Theory and Their Applications in Engineering, Physics and Technology
ISBN van geprinte versie979-953-307-385-8
StatusPublished - 2011


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