Optimizing The Location Of Charging Infrastructure For Future Expansion Of ElectricVehicle In Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jose Evaldo Geraldo Costa, Lieselot Vanhaverbeke, Thierry Coosemans, Julia Seixas, Maarten Messagie, Gustavo Costa

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The increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is among the main problems faced by the growth of road transportation in Sao Paulo, the Brazilian city with the highest concentration of vehicles accounting for 28,000 vehicles per 100,000 inhabitants. Electric mobility has the potential to catalyze the development of transport, contributing to mitigate climate change, and support incipient smart cities projects with an adequate electric vehicle charging station (EVCS) network. This study comes up with the mapping of well-suited locations for EVCS by using geographic information system (GIS) analysis in combination with knowledge from a survey conducted with local electric vehicle (EV) experts. The method was tested to meet the increasing demand for EVs in the municipality of Sao Paulo by 2025, assuming the need for around 3,300 EVCS stations to support a penetration of 1 percent of EVs in urban private cars. EVCS is ideally situated in one third of the municipal districts of Sao Paulo, namely the Center, South Center, West and Southeast areas. Attributes such as unsafe non-urbanized areas and risk places subject to floods were highlighted as new findings to consider in Sao Paulo, with similar characteristics as others in Latin America areas, providing some insights about the challenges on the way to smart cities.
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Titel5th IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, ISC2 2019
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StatusPublished - 2020
Evenementthe IEEE International Smart Cities Conference: (ISC2 2019) - Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco
Duur: 14 okt 201917 okt 2019
Congresnummer: (ISC2 2019)

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Naam5th IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, ISC2 2019


Conferencethe IEEE International Smart Cities Conference


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