Orthodontic pearls, a clinicians guide 2012

Bart Vande Vannet

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The author of the book, Dr Larry White, has contributed to and authored several books about orthodontics. The author made the choise to arrange the pearls chronologically in the order of his discovery or when contributors sent it to him. The table of contents however leads you to what you are looking for.

This image rich illustrated book (200 pages, 843 colour illustrations) has been defined by the publisher as a collection of 122 authors from around the world who have shared some of the ideas and techniques that have simplified and expedited the delivery of orthodontic therapies to their patients,

The entire book rests on the premise that all of us are a lot smarter than any single one of us, and all technology, no matter how minor, increases exponentially when shared. Readers will find tips on patient managment, diagnosis, treatment planning, compliances issues, personnel solutions and office managment in addition to copious numbers of helpful suggestions for clinical treatments.

It is a compendium of some tips and trics that have been published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics. Some techniques look trivial but you have to see this in a total concept of practioners helping practioners, e.g a useful pearl (from the editor's cache) is to wear your watch on your non-dominant hand, preventing the watch from tangling in patient's hair, faces or ears and being able to read the clock at all times. An other tool is the use of salt sprinkled over the tongue before taking impressions to control gagging. On the other hand also impressive orthodontic mechanics and bonding procedures are displayed in a simple way.

The quality of the pictures is not always perfect but the message is very clear. On a rare occasion I found a pre and post picture to be the same.
This books is rather a viewing book but the reader is offered the information that is used by many orthodontists all over the world.
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TijdschriftEuropean Journal of Orthodontics
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StatusPublished - 16 mei 2012

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