Osteoprotegerin is not a determinant of metabolic syndrome in sub-Saharan Africans after age adjustment

Clarisse Ayina Ayina, Philippe Boudou, Ibrahim Fidaa, Eric Balti Vounsia, Eugène Sobngwi, Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, Jean-François Gautier

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Osteoprotegerin (OPG), a soluble member of tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily that inhibits bone resorption, has been suggested as a cardiovascular risk factor in humans. In this study, we aim to investigate the potential relationship between OPG and MetS (MetS) in a sub-Saharan African population.


Four hundred and eleven volunteers (152 men, 259 women) aged ?18years recruited from the general population in Douala and Edea, Cameroon participated in this study. Anthropometric parameters measured and blood samples were collected for glucose, serum lipids and OPG concentrations measurements. Mean differences of the variables in different groups were compared using Student's t test. We performed logistic regressions to analyze the impact of independent factors on the relation between OPG and MetS outcome. MetS was defined using the Joint Interim Statement 2009.


OPG levels did not vary significantly between both men and women with and without MetS (both P>0.05). However, with high fasting blood glucose (?5.6mmol/L) had a significantly higher OPG level than those with lower glucose level (P=0.014). In multiple logistic regression analysis, MetS did not show any significant association with serum OPG levels in men and women after adjusting for age, physical activity, alcohol consumption and menopausal status in women (P=0.720 and P=0.930 respectively).


This study failed to demonstrate any relationship between OPG and MetS. Nevertheless, the positive association between blood glucose and OPG levels reveals that OPG might be involved in cardiovascular risk development in this sub-Saharan African population.
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Pagina's (van-tot)165-170
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TijdschriftAnnales d'Endocrinologie
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StatusPublished - 22 jul 2014


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