Other People's Book +1

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Each time a philosopher goes to a library, (s)he has the same thought: "my next book will be the last one that the librarian will ever order". I'm a philosopher.

Yes, philosophers have hubris in excess: any individual philosopher is convinced his/her thinking marks the end of thought. Libraries are evidently of the greatest importance to them: libraries contain the work of others. Standing on their shoulders, philosophers can look further. And so they do, adding to or revising what's there on the shelves already. So do scientists, but philosophers believe, no, I'm convinced they know that they can truly understand totality only by themselves, being 'realists', whereas scientists are realistic: a theory of everything might be within reach, but it's teamwork. A philosopher is an 'Einzelgänger'. Trivially, philosophers want their ideas to be dispersed; hence, they need to have their own work in the libraries too. Since all of them share this ambition, libraries are growing steadily: they contain the work of others + 1.
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