The speed pedelec provides new opportunities for the Flemish commuter, with a higher limited assistance speed
up to 45 km/h compared to the 25 km/h of the normal e-bike. In an attempt to objectively compare seven different
speed pedelec models, based on limited measurements and measurement tools, this paper discusses the
preliminary results of performance testing within two criteria: assistance speed and braking distance. Results
indicate that there is a large variety between the assistance speeds and assistance levels of the speed pedelecs,
and measuring braking distances with limited measuring tools proves to be challenging.
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StatusPublished - 25 jun 2021
EvenementThe 34th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition - Nanjing, China
Duur: 25 jun 202128 jun 2021


ConferenceThe 34th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition
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