INTRODUCTION: Pure androgen-secreting adrenocortical tumors are a rare but important cause of peripheral precocious puberty.

CASE PRESENTATION: Here, we report a pure androgen-secreting adrenocortical tumor in a 2.5-year-old boy presenting with penile enlargement, pubic hair, frequent erections, and rapid linear growth. We confirmed the diagnosis through laboratory tests, medical imaging, and histology. Furthermore, genetic testing detected a pathogenic germline variant in the TP53 gene, molecularly confirming underlying Li-Fraumeni syndrome.

DISCUSSION: Only 15 well-documented cases of pure androgen-secreting adrenocortical tumors have been reported so far. No clinical or imaging signs were identified to differentiate adenomas from carcinomas, and no other cases of Li-Fraumeni syndrome were diagnosed in the four patients that underwent genetic testing. However, diagnosing Li-Fraumeni syndrome is important as it implies a need for intensive tumor surveillance and avoidance of ionizing radiation.

CONCLUSION: In this article, we emphasize the need to screen for TP53 gene variants in children with androgen-producing adrenal adenomas and report an association with arterial hypertension.

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TijdschriftJournal of Medical Case Reports
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StatusPublished - dec 2023


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