Perspectives on literary reading and book culture

Geert Vandermeersche, Ronald Soetaert, Kris Rutten, Geert Vandermeersche

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In their article "Perspectives on Literary Reading and Book Culture" Geert Vandermeersche and Ronald Soetaert provide a narrative framework for analyzing literary scholars' argumentation in the debate on literature and the humanities. Starting from MacIntyre's narrative description of epistemic "crises" they analyze the stories authors construct and the positions they take and ascribe to others within larger developing (grand) narratives on the value and function of literary reading. Both traditional narratives and new alternative (i.e., enlarged) narratives are discussed in how they set up and frame the argument and how they create dichotomies.
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TijdschriftCLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture
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StatusPublished - 2013


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