Politieke rol GEMS doorgelicht – over de ontbinding van een groep experten

Paul De Hert, Marc-Antoine Gavray

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The problems identified by the Winter Manifesto, such as tunnel vision, undesirable entanglement of science and political)ethical choices; lack of transparency, do appear in every opinion of the GEMS, with one exception 'the lack of a sustainable long-term vision;'. The GEMS does have a long-term vision, namely the creation of a quasi-totalitarian health state where the vulnerability of one person must also be that of all the others and everything must be done to develop a risk-avoiding culture at all costs. We illustrate this with the important GEMS opinion of January 14, 2022 on the government's proposed corona barometer. The opinion, with strong views on vaccination and the covid safe pass (CST), lays the groundwork for future health policy that retains the controversial CST, courtesy of the GEMS
Vertaalde titel van de bijdragePolitical role GEMS vetted - on the dissolution of a group of experts
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Specialist publicatieDe Wereld Morgen
StatusPublished - 18 apr 2022


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