Prediction of dynamic strains on a monopile offshore wind turbine using virtual sensors

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The monitoring of the condition of the offshore wind turbine during its operational states offers the possibility of performing accurate assessments of the remaining life-time as well as supporting maintenance decisions during its entire life. The efficacy of structural monitoring in the case of the offshore wind turbine, though, is undermined by the practical limitations connected to the measurement system in terms of cost, weight and feasibility of sensor mounting (e.g. at muddline level 30m below the water level). This limitation is overcome by reconstructing the full-field response of the structure based on the limited number of measured accelerations and a calibrated Finite Element Model of the system. A modal decomposition and expansion
approach is used for reconstructing the responses at all degrees of freedom of the finite element model. The paper will demonstrate the possibility to predict dynamic strains from acceleration measurements based on the aforementioned methodology. These virtual dynamic strains will then be evaluated and validated based on actual strain measurements obtained from a monitoring campaign on an offshore Vestas V90 3 MW wind turbine on a monopile foundation.
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StatusPublished - 10 jul 2015


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