BACKGROUND: In healthy people and people with nonspecific chronic spinal pain (nCSP) and/or insomnia, participation in physical activity on a regular basis has several physical and psychological health benefits. However, people with chronic conditions often tend to reduce physical activity participation which can lead to deconditioning over time. Currently, there are no known predictors for an (in)active lifestyle (before and after physical therapy treatment) in people with chronic spinal pain and comorbid insomnia.

OBJECTIVE: To examine predictors of pre-treatment moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) and to examine determinants for a change in MVPA in response to 14-weeks of active physical therapy treatment in people with nonspecific chronic spinal pain (nCSP) and comorbid insomnia.

METHODS: Baseline data and post-treatment data were analyzed for 66 participants. A linear multiple regression analysis was conducted to examine which factors predict MVPA at baseline. Linear mixed-effects modeling was used to identify determinants for change in MVPA in response to an active physical therapy treatment.

RESULTS: Physical fatigue (b = -0.9; 95%CI: -1.59, -0.15), less limitations in functioning as a result of emotional problems (b = 0.1; 95%CI: 0.03, 0.10), mental fatigue (b = -1.0; 95%CI: -1.67, -0.43), lower general sleep quality (b= 0.7; 95%CI: 0.22, 1.17), and body mass index (b = -0.5; 95%CI: -0.93, -0.16) were significant predictors of baseline MVPA. The regression model explained 33.3% of the total variance in baseline MVPA. The change of MVPA in response to the treatment ranged from a decrease of 17.5 to an increase of 16.6 hours per week. No determinants for change in MVPA after treatment could be identified.

CONCLUSION: People with nCSP and comorbid insomnia are more likely to engage in MVPA if they report, at baseline, lower sleep quality, fewer limitations in functioning resulting from emotional problems, lower body mass index, as well as less physical and mental fatigue.

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TijdschriftBrazilian Journal of Physical Therapy
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StatusPublished - nov 2022

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