Present but not counted: Highly skilled migrant women in Belgium

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Family reunification is one of the main channels for migration to the
EU, yet little is known about the skills and labour market trajectories
of family migrants. Family migration continues to be seen within a
gendered and binary paradigm of the male economic migrant and
female dependent. Related policies disadvantage migrant women
and limit their participation on the labour market in material and
structural ways. While EU’s Single Permit Directive gives family
migrants immediate and unlimited access to the labour market, its
efficacy is limited as highly skilled migrant women are a blind spot
in existing infrastructure and integration policies. This paper studies
how migrant women push back against being categorised as
dependents and circumvent the penalty of family migration
policies. Migration categories become key sites of negotiation as
women opt to move as students, labour migrants, by acquiring
citizenship or as temporary workers to gain better access to the
labour market while accomodating familial roles. Findings highlight
the need for disaggregated data on family migrants in terms of skill
and education, and for data collection that can capture the
dynamism of lived experience.
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This work was supported by the Horizon2020 European Comission project: HumMingBird–Enhanced migration measures from a multidimensional perspective [grant number 870661]. We thank the anonymous reviewers for their extensive feedback through the iterations of this paper. Our heartfelt thanks to our participants for the taking time out during the pandemic to share their stories with us.

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