Proteasome inhibitors in multiple myeloma and other haematological malignancies

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The proteasome is an important anticancer target. Bortezomib, as a first-in-class proteasome inhibitor has become a valuable drug in the therapeutic armamentarium against multiple myeloma. This drug-review summarises the current indications for the use of bortezomib in myeloma. In addition, its emerging role as a consolidating / maintenance agent after autologous stem cell transplantation and its use in patients with bad cytogenetical markers or renal impairment is addressed. We also include the available data on the subcutaneous route of administration as an alternative to mitigate peripheral neuropathy. The promising evidence of proteasome inhibitors in other haematological malignancies (low grade lymphomas, mantle cell lymphoma, Waldenström's disease and systemic amyloidosis) is also summarised.
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TijdschriftBelgian Journal of Hematology
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StatusPublished - 2012


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