Publishing open data and services for the Flemish Research Information Space

Christophe Debruyne, Pieter De Leenheer, Peter Spyns, Geert Van Grootel, Stijn Christiaens

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The Flemish public administration aims to integrate and publish all research information on a portal. Information is currently stored according to the CERIF standard modeled in (E)ER and aimed at extensibility. Solutions exist to easily publish data from databases in RDF, but ontologies need to be constructed to render those meaningful. In order to publish their data, the public administration and other stakeholders first need to agree on a shared understanding of what exactly is captured and stored in that format. In this paper, we show how the use of the Business Semantics Management method and tool contributed in achieving that aim.
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TitelER Workshops
RedacteurenOlga De Troyer, Claudia Bauzer Medeiros, Roland Billen, Pierre Hallot, Alkis Simitsis, Hans Van Mingroot
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StatusPublished - 31 okt 2011

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Olga De Troyer and Claudia Bauzer Medeiros and Roland Billen and Pierre Hallot and Alkis Simitsis and Hans Van Mingroot


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