Quality of Outcomes

Leonardo Pires Novais Dias, Moustapha Hamdi

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Quality of outcomes for breast reconstruction is a broad topic composed of objective and subjective factors. Assessment of oncological safety, surgical complications, physical function, cosmetics, quality of life and patient satisfaction provide helpful information when choosing the most appropriate reconstructive technique and timing. Alone, every factor was responsible for a significant change in the decision-making process for breast reconstruction. However, the contemporary concern is how to bring them together, so the breast team can improve the patient’s experience throughout treatment and identify the best protocol for each one. As multiple techniques exist in breast reconstruction, a collaborative process between patients and clinicians is crucial to select the adequate procedure. Pedicled perforator flaps for breast reconstruction represent the newest advancement in a line of evolution that began with the latissimus dorsi flap described by Iginio Tansini in 1906. The chest wall perforator flaps are highly vascularised and based on perforators from the intercostal, lateral thoracic thoracodorsal and epigastric vessels. Recently, these flaps became valuable volume replacement oncoplastic breast-conserving procedures for partial breast reconstruction. They have the advantages of reduced donor-site morbidity and can accurately replace the components required at the recipient site. Unfortunately, trustworthy outcomes data related to these pedicled perforator flaps are still lacking.

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TitelPedicled Flaps in Partial Breast Reconstruction
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StatusPublished - 1 jan 2023

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