R&D towards the CMS RPC Phase-2 upgrade

A. Fagot, A. Cimmino, S. Crucy, M. Gul, A. A. O. Rios, M. Tytgat, N. Zaganidis, S. Aly, Y. Assran, A. Radi, A. Sayed, G. Singh, M. Abbrescia, G. Iaselli, M. Maggi, G. Pugliese, P. Verwilligen, W. Van Doninck, S. Colafranceschi, A. SharmaL. Benussi, S. Bianco, D. Piccolo, F. Primavera, V. Bhatnagar, R. Kumari, A. Mehta, J. Singh, A. Ahmad, W. Ahmed, M. I. Asghar, I. M. Awan, H. R. Hoorani, S. Muhammad, M. A. Shah, H. Shahzad, S. W. Cho, S. Y. Choi, B. Hong, M. H. Kang, K. S. Lee, J. H. Lim, S. K. Park, M. S. Kim, M. Gouzevitch, G. Grenier, F. Lagarde, I. B. Laktineh, S. Carpinteyro Bernardino, C. Uribe Estrada, I. Pedraza, S. Carrillo Moreno, F. Vazquez Valencia, L. M. Pant, S. Buontempo, N. Cavallo, M. Esposito, F. Fabozzi, G. Lanza, I. Orso, L. Lista, S. Meola, M. Merola, P. Paolucci, F. Thyssen, A. Braghieri, A. Magnani, P. Montagna, C. Riccardi, P. Salvini, I. Vai, P. Vitulo, Y. Ban, S. J. Qian, M. Choi, Y. Choi, J. Goh, D. Kim, A. Aleksandrov, R. Hadjiiska, P. Iaydjiev, M. Rodozov, S. Stoykova, G. Sultanov, M. Vutova, A. Dimitrov, L. Litov, B. Pavlov, P. Petkov, I. Bagaturia, D. Lomidze, C. Avila, A. Cabrera, J. C. Sanabria, I. Crotty, J. Vaitkus

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The high pseudo-rapidity region of the CMS muon system is covered by Cathode Strip Chambers (CSC) only and lacks redundant coverage despite the fact that it is a challenging region for muons in terms of backgrounds and momentum resolution. In order to maintain good efficiency for the muon trigger in this region additional RPCs are planned to be installed in the two outermost stations at low angle named RE3/1 and RE4/1. These stations will use RPCs with finer granularity and good timing resolution to mitigate background effects and to increase the redundancy of the system.
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TijdschriftJournal of Instrumentation
Nummer van het tijdschrift09
StatusPublished - 26 sep 2016
Evenement13th Workshop on resistive plate chambers and related detectors - Ghent, Belgium
Duur: 22 feb 201626 feb 2016

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13th Workshop on Resistive Plate Chambers and related detectors, 22-26 February 2016, Ghent University, Belgium


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