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Background and Goal of Study: TCI is a widely used technique. However weneed to bear in mind that the PK-models used never or just by chance matchthe PK characteristics of our patient. A Pelorus 1500 propofol measurementsystem has been developed (Sphere Medical, Cambridge, UK), which is designedfor rapid analysis of propofol concentration in whole blood samples.The purpose of this study was to test the usefulness of the Pelorus during TCIof propofol.Materials and Methods: 20 patients, ASA I to II, scheduled for thyroid surgerywere included. Standard monitoring included ECG, pulse oxymetry, NIBP. Thelevel of hypnosis was monitored with a Neurosense monitor and the analgesiclevel with a ANI monitor (Metrodoloris, Lille, France). A radial arterial catheterwas inserted in the contralateral arm of the infusion for blood sampling andwas connected to a FloTrack for continuous monitoring of BP and CO. A TCIof sufentanil was started with a target ef fect (Ce) of 0.3 ng/ml (PK-Gepts) followedby the TCI of propofol , targeting a predicted blood concentration (Cp)of 4 μg/ml ( PK- Schnider). The Cp of propofol was increased or decreased ifthe neurowave index was >60 or <40 and the Ce of sufentanil was increasedor decreased if the ANI index was <50 or >70. Arterial blood samples formeasurements of propofol (Cm) were collected at well-defined time-pointsuntil 2 hours af ter the end of infusion.Results and Discussion: A total of 261 samples were analyzed. Cm rangedfrom 0.09 to 12.04 mg/ml. The performance errors (PE) were distributedaround a range of -70% to 201% when plotted against the predicted concentrationswith a median value of 47.33%. The PE increased slightly (2.35%) withhigher sufentanil.Whole blood analysis and simultaneous sufentanil may perhaps explain the high bias.Conclusion(s): Pelorus1500 can be a useful tool to better understand propofolPKs.
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StatusPublished - 1 jun 2015
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