Recurrent gene flow events occurred during the diversification of clownfishes of the skunk complex

Anna Marcionetti, Joris A. M. Bertrand, Fabio Cortesi, Giulia F. A. Donati, Sara Heim, Filip Huyghe, Marc Kochzius, Loïc Pellissier, Nicolas Salamin

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Clownfish (subfamily Amphiprioninae) are an iconic group of coral reef fish that evolved a mutualistic interaction with sea anemones, which triggered the adaptive radiation of the clade. Within clownfishes, the “skunk complex” is particularly inter- esting. Besides ecological speciation, interspecific gene flow and hybrid speciation are thought to have shaped the evolution of the group. We investigated the mecha- nisms characterizing the diversification of this complex. By taking advantage of their disjunct geographical distribution, we obtained whole-genome data of sympatric and allopatric populations of the three main species of the complex (Amphiprion akallopi- sos, A. perideraion and A. sandaracinos). We examined population structure, genomic divergence and introgression signals and performed demographic modelling to iden- tify the most realistic diversification scenario. We excluded scenarios of strict iso- lation or hybrid origin of A. sandaracinos. We discovered moderate gene flow from A. perideraion to the ancestor of A. akallopisos + A. sandaracinos and weak gene flow be- tween the species in the Indo-Australian Archipelago throughout the diversification of the group. We identified introgressed regions in A. sandaracinos and detected in A. perideraion two large regions of high divergence from the two other species. While we found that gene flow has occurred throughout the species' diversification, we also observed that recent admixture was less pervasive than initially thought, suggesting a role of host repartition or behavioural barriers in maintaining the genetic identity of the species in sympatry.
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TijdschriftMolecular Ecology
Nummer van het tijdschrift11
StatusPublished - jun 2024

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