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Our proof-of-concept demonstrates how Virtual Reality can be used to explain the basic concepts of Reinforcement Learning. This application visualizes the learning process of Watkins' Q(λ), a fundamental algorithm in the field, in the form of an interactive treasure hunt game. A player takes the role of an autonomous agent, and must learn the shortest path to a hidden treasure through experience. The application also allows an audience to follow the game from an external display.
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StatusUnpublished - 11 aug 2019
Evenement1st International Workshop on Education in Artificial Intelligence K-12: held in conjunction with IJCAI-2019 - Venetian Macao Hotel Resort, Cotai, Macao
Duur: 11 aug 201911 aug 2019


Workshop1st International Workshop on Education in Artificial Intelligence K-12
Verkorte titelEduAI-19
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