Reinventing Data Protection: Moving from Individual to Data Protection

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For the last 130 years, privacy law and doctrine have focused on the individual level of privacy. From the "right to be alone" coined by Warren & Brandeis in 1890 to the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union, data protection is viewed as a matter for individuals with the development of tools, laws and policies focusing on individual
However, in the age of big data, new threats have emerged which are not properly addressed by individual mechanisms of data protection. Practices that collect and aggregate data to identify trends in human behaviour for modelling are invisible to individuals, and therefore not addressed by individualistic mechanisms. (Suh, & Metzger, 2022)
Therefore, data protection violations in the era of Big Data and Al not only impact individuals but also impact all members of groups - a concept which will be further developed -, demonstrating the limitations of the individual right to data protection and the need to reinvent it taking into consideration group rights.
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StatusPublished - 19 apr 2023


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